Do you use a maintenance management system to manage your asset data, regulatory compliance, lifecycle performance, contractors, and all other aspects of your FM operations – and if not, are you aware of the risks this potentially engenders to your business?

fmXpert (Computerised Maintenance Management System) has enabled clients to save thousands of dollars in preventative and reactive maintenance, lifecycle planning, and contractor management.

YOUR NEEDS: You cannot properly manage and maintain assets and equipment, and ensure regulatory compliance, value for money services, and the performance of your properties without a facility management software solution (Computerised Maintenance Management System), with risks to your organisation in terms of health and safety, over/under spend, and customer satisfaction.

OUR SOLUTION: FM Essentials develop and licence asset and facility management software.

Developed in conjunction with facility managers, fmXpert is designed to automate and simplify day-to-day asset and facility management tasks, maintaining whole of life data and incorporating sophisticated reporting tools and features to enhance productivity. Our adaptable and easy to use system will boost the efficiency of your facility management team and improve overall service delivery – fmXpert's capability and features include:

  • Maintenance Planning
  • Work Order Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Modules – Enhanced Capability
  • Technology (and Integrations)

"Our association with fmXpert dates back to 1998. We have a heavy reliance on fmXpert for all our estate, financial and facilities management functions. The utilisation of fmXpert across all of our asset management disciplines is a decision that to this day continues to pay huge dividends."

Henkell Brothers (Asset Investment Managers)


Does your asset and maintenance management system automatically plan for and schedule routine, programmed preventative maintenance in advance (maintenance planning)?

YOUR NEEDS: Essential safety measures assets and equipment must be managed and maintained in accordance with relevant regulations. Maintenance policies (determinations) which specify the required maintenance tests, checks, activities, and frequencies for each asset are stipulated by the regulations. Your (planned maintenance) programmed preventative maintenance (PPM) schedules need to be developed to align with these requirements, and your compliance with the regulations measured and reported as part of the Annual Essential Safety Measure (AESMAR) process.

OUR SOLUTION: fmXpert asset and facility management software (Computerised Maintenance Management System) has been designed to provide a range of maintenance planning capabilities.

  • A whole of life system to track all aspects of an asset, including acquisition, operation and maintenance, lifecycle refurbishment and replacement, and so forth
  • Built-in maintenance policies (determinations) which can be attached to your assets, enabling the system to automatically plan for and schedule routine, programmed preventative maintenance in advance, and to ensure regulatory compliance
  • A forecast of your asset maintenance costs over the year
  • The ability to link connected services affected by an asset, e.g. by rooms/locations.
  • A range of maintenance and lifecycle plans, including but not limited to):
    • Programmed Preventative Maintenance Plans
    • Annual Works Plans
    • 10 Years Lifecycle Plans

KEY BENEFITS: Include (but are not limited to):

  • Optimise building performance and the “experience” occupants
  • Ensure compliance with regulations
  • Safeguard the occupants of your facilities
  • Application of whole of life planning – risk/capital works

"They have been excellent… they knew what our business needed and have delivered fmXpert in stages to ensure we got up and running with the minimum of disruption"

Facilities Manager, Carey Grammar School

How do you measure and manage your organisation's compliance with essential safety measures regulations, most notably work orders for the rectification of ESM defects?

YOUR NEEDS: As either an owner or tenant responsible for the management of maintenance services, you need a robust, end-to-end process for the management of work orders which encapsulates each stage from creation to quoting, approval and issuance, through to completion of works, invoicing, and financial completion/close – including essential safety measures.

OUR SOLUTION: fmXpert allows users to create, track and manage work orders using a range of tools, reducing your workload in terms of the day-to-day maintenance management by:

  • Ensuring that your maintenance obligations are met in timely and cost-effective manner
  • Allowing you to accurately manage each stage of the work order process
  • Applying agreed Priorities/SLAs to each work order
  • Ensuring stakeholders are kept fully up to date via automated report/notifications

The work order workflow process can be tailored to meet the needs of each client.

KEY BENEFITS: Include (but are not limited to):

  • Ensure work orders are completed on time and budget
  • Streamline workflow – quoting, approval and work issue
  • End-to-end process covering all stages through to financial completion
  • Superior quality facilities management

"fmXpert has allowed us to fine tune our business functions, greatly improve data input and accuracy… The technical support provided is of the highest standard, with enquiries answered and resolved promptly by skilled personnel who understand every aspect of our needs."

Henkell Brothers (Asset Investment Managers)

You have legal and moral responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment not only for staff, customers, and clients, but also the trade technicians providing services at your site.

YOUR NEEDS: You must have procedures in place to safeguard maintenance contactors working on site and any occupants within the building. These contractor management obligations are fundamentally concerned with safety, access, quality, the avoidance of damage to the physical environment, and the mitigation of risk, encompassing procurement, on-boarding, access and security, health and safety, performance management, administration, and invoicing.

OUR SOLUTION: Recent innovations include a new QR Code solution which is:

  • Compatible with any smartphone
  • Captures each contractor's precise arrival and departure time
  • Ensures that clients are charged based upon "actual" time onsite
  • Ensures more accurate invoicing

This technology also allows contractors to undertake onsite reporting on both programmed and reactive maintenance via a direct link into fmXpert software and provides instantaneous service reports/live data, which reduces administration post attendance.

KEY BENEFITS: Include (but are not limited to):

  • Promotes a greater focus upon contractor safety
  • Ensure more accurate invoices, reducing overarching
  • Mitigates risks associated with access and security, and health and safety
  • Streamline workflow – more automated process
  • End-to-end process covering all stages through to financial completion

"We now have nearly 70,000 jobs and over 2,000 sites setup in fmXpert… and we currently store over 28,000 digital forms, and growing, which our clients can access via the web."

MD, TCM Solutions

fmXpert also offers modules which further enhance capability

  • Online Access
  • Online Job Requests
  • Mobile App
  • Property Management
  • Booking System

"fmXpert is a great product, it gives our operation the ability to control our work orders and maintain our assets and equipment to the standards we want. It is user friendly and set out in a logical way and I recommend it as a CMMS."

Property, Vasey RSL Care

Utilise a system enabled to help clients save thousands of dollars

fmXpert (Computerised Maintenance Management System) is developed on leading technology and has been integrated with multiple devices and platforms. It is also highly flexible and user-configurable – user definable options in look-up tables, workflow, triggers and notifications enable you to tailor the system to your match your organisation's unique requirements.


fmXpert operates on the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Active Directory and eDirectory Sync


fmXpert supports the following accounting systems:

  • Xero
  • Synergetic
  • Great Plains
  • QuickBooks

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