The provision of FM & Workplace operations services is fundamental to supporting your business and your people – but does your approach help you achieve your vision?

YOUR NEEDS: As we approach the third decade of the 21st Century, the term "FM & Workplace Operations" becomes increasingly complex and now encompasses everything from cleaning and maintenance to regulatory compliance, from to contracts and procurement to staff and customer “experience”, from technology and capital projects to social responsibility – and you need to be better informed and more strategic in your approach.

OUR SOLUTION: FM Essentials are recognised as market leaders in innovation and the delivery of facility management and workplace operations solutions, and have developed FM strategies, policies, asset management plans, workplace operations scope, standard operating procedures, and an array of related documents for clients. Our expertise encompasses “workplaces of the future”, organisational transformation, and the optimisation of performance and spend.

Our consulting services include:

  • FM Operations Design Reviews
  • Strategy and Planning – Strategies, Plans, Plans, Scopes, Briefs
  • Specifications and Procurement
  • Site Mobilisation (Readiness)
  • Service Optimisation (Operational Excellence)

"Always professional, always reliable, always an eye on the big picture, they have become highly valued members of the Group Property team and Westpac Group".

National Operations Manager, Westpac


Want to drive improvements to service level, optimise operating costs, and mitigate risks in the delivery of FM services at your new building?

YOUR NEEDS: It is imperative that ongoing operational needs are an integral part of the design process, and that day-to-day building services are not hindered by design decisions. We understand that the efficient design of operations spaces can potentially drive down operating costs, contribute to asset performance, and directly impact the "experience" of both occupants and visitors.

OUR SOLUTION: The aim is to identify any potential issues with regards to:

  • Accessibility, usability, maintainability, safety, and management
  • Any other considerations pertaining to the ongoing operation of the building
  • Assist clients in positively influencing aspects of the building design

This exercise comprises the review of architectural drawings to assess operations spaces*.

KEY BENEFITS: Include (but are not limited to):

  • Ensure the design aligns with your requirements and objectives
  • Opportunity to optimise design by identifying and eliminating risks
  • Save $000’s in operating costs (direct/ outgoings) over the life of the building
  • Eliminate the need for costly retrospective design changes

"FM Essentials has been integral to the project in reviewing the building’s design from a strategic FM perspective… and will go long way up to ensuring the site is operated more effectively and efficiently for the life of the development.".

Senior Project Manager, Montlaur (now CBRE)

Does your organisation have a clearly defined strategy which provides an overarching framework for the management and operation of your facilities and/or portfolio?

YOUR NEEDS: The FM & Workplace Operations Strategy provides a framework for the ongoing management of your portfolio. It will ensure the way each facility functions is in-keeping with the design intent, and aligned with your business plan, vision, culture, and objectives – and that the overall approach to the services ensures the optimum outcomes for your organisation.

OUR SOLUTION: Each FM & Workplace Operations Strategy:

  • Is customised to meet the unique needs of a client/project
  • Includes the development or integration of FM & Workplace objectives
  • Comprises important information regarding your organisation and the services required
  • Encompasses a current state review, the aspirational scope and service level, a delivery model, procurement approach, mobilisation plan, etc.
  • Also contains roles and responsibilities (RACI)

The aim is to provide clients with a “strategic” way-forward for day-to-day service delivery.

This approach can also be applied to Asset & Workplace Policies, Plans, Scopes, Briefs.

KEY BENEFITS: Include (but are not limited to):

  • Align FM & Workplace operations with your corporate strategy, culture and values
  • Ensure the level of service aligns with expectations and requirements
  • Improve building performance, plus staff and guest “experience”
  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities, and program of delivery

"FM Essentials developed an integrated, fully shared services model for the new national headquarters… Their solutions were practical and innovative."

Physical Stream Lead, Medibank

Do you have a suite of documents which detail your organisation’s unique operational requirements and enable you to better manage your service contracts?

YOUR NEEDS: The purpose of FM & Workplace Operations Specifications is to clearly communicate to the Service Provider what it is you require, so that they can develop and price a solution, and deliver the services. It enables you to measure and manage pricing, service level, performance, and your exposure to risk, without ambiguity and ensure that the stated outcomes are achieved.

OUR SOLUTION: FM Essentials can develop high quality specifications which:

  • Are tailored to assist you in the procurement of FM & Workplace services
  • Relate to a specific service or bundle of services, and a specific site or portfolio
  • Comprises important information regarding your organisation and the services required
  • Encompasses objectives, scope, service level, regulations, performance, etc.
  • Includes all relevant addenda, e.g. asset data, floorplans, occupancy permits

The aim is to provide both parties with a robust statement of outcomes which can inform the Service Agreement - and be applied to all aspects of day-to-day service delivery.

KEY BENEFITS: Include (but are not limited to):

  • Optimise procurement outcomes – scope, quality, cost, and risk
  • Ensure the level of service aligns with your expectations and requirements
  • Improve building performance, plus staff and guest "experience"
  • Clearly defined performance management framework

"Always professional, always reliable, always an eye on the big picture, they have become highly valued members of the Group Property team and Westpac Group."

National Operations Manager, Westpac

Do you have an integrated plan and experienced resources to "bring your new or upgraded facility to life" and ensure it is fully operational in readiness for when you move in?

YOUR NEEDS: Practical Completion refers to the point at which all building works are completed, and an occupancy permit is issued signifying the space is “fit for occupation” – however, “fit for occupation” is not the same thing as “ready for occupation”. You cannot relocate your staff or open for business until service providers have been onboarded, training completed, the property stocked and cleaned, and all manner of operating procedures put in place.

OUR SOLUTION: Our team will deliver the FM & Workplace Mobilisation including:

  • Development of a Mobilisation Plan – activities, program, dependencies, budget, risks
  • Implementation of the Mobilisation Plan/readiness activities, such as:
    • Witness testing, inductions, training, cleaning, stocking, installing
    • Set-up/mobilisation of security, cleaning, catering, concierge, etc.
  • Transition of asset data and completion documents to key stakeholders

The aim is to ensure the facility is prepared safely and effectively in readiness for the Day 1 experience, and that the necessary tools and information are available to those who need them.

KEY BENEFITS: Include (but are not limited to):

  • Bringing your building to life and deliver ongoing quality and cost benefits
  • All activities are completed safely, effectively and efficiently, and within budget
  • Improve building performance, plus staff and guest “experience” from Day 1
  • Start achieving your objectives from contract commencement
  • "FM Essentials were appointed based upon the excellent reputation of their consultants and did a fantastic job of mobilising the organisation’s new Melbourne headquarters…"

    Corporate Services Manager, Westpac

Does your existing FM & Workplace operations solution meet your evolving needs and represent value for money – and what is your level of exposure to risk?

YOUR NEEDS: Operational excellence is concerned with eliminating inefficiencies, over/under delivery and spend, and identifying process improvements which optimise performance. Key focus areas include strategic planning, procurement, maintenance, regulatory compliance, contractor management, and staff and guest experience. Your risk profile could be significant.

OUR SOLUTION: Our highly experienced consultants undertake:

  • A review of asset data, documents, structures, systems, resources, costs
  • An assessment of the physical environment – from an operations perspective
  • And analyse the data using a series of metrics

KEY BENEFITS: Include (but are not limited to):

  • Improved satisfaction – staff, clients, customers
  • Improved productivity leading to reduced costs
  • Ensuring the right people are in the right place, at the right time
  • Eliminate inefficiencies, over/under delivery and operating risk

"With the application of innovative approaches… They were able to generate cost benefits and significantly improve service levels across all areas of Group Property".

Senior Project Manager, Montlaur (now CBRE)

* Note: We are not consultant engineers or building surveyors and cannot verify whether building systems and infrastructure are compliant with codes, standards and regulations, and fit for purpose.

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